Sometimes it may be easier to screen the children in their program for physical literacy deficits and only use the CAPL with children who are struggling on their physical literacy journey. The Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research group has developed quick and easy physical literacy screening tasks that, in less than five minutes, will enable leaders to identify the children who are most likely to be struggling on their physical literacy journey.

Two options were identified that had adequate specificity and sensitivity. If there is space to run, the PLAY Tools Run should be combined with a self-rating of activity. In settings with limited space, two questions about parent support for physical activity are followed by the wall sit test. Based on CAPL results, these screening tasks will correctly identify 90% of children with good physical literacy and 67% to 80% of children needing physical literacy support.

To learn how to administer the two screening task options, click here to review the training materials. Videos displaying how to administer the tasks are also available below.

PLAY Tools Run

Wall Sit